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Happy 4th of July from Classic Friars Club Roasts!

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Classic Friars Club Roasts certainly loves 4th of July celebrations, with all the barbeques, picnics, fireworks and fun. We also love laughing, and that’s why we offer some of the best comedy roasts of all time for your viewing pleasure. Add these celebrity roasts to your collection, and then set up a giant screen outside or take the gang inside for some viewing fun.

What’s better about America than our ability to laugh at ourselves? A Friars Club roast is the ultimate celebration of all-American humor. Whether you’re watching the Don Rickles roastsJohnny Carson DVDJerry Lewis Roast or our classic outtakes, get ready for some rip-roaring fun. To get you in the mood, here are some of the funniest moments in U.S. history:

  • Politicians in distress: It’s always funny watching politicians in strange circumstances. There was Gerald Ford’s propensity to fall and Dick Cheney shooting his hunting companion in the face, but perhaps the most unusual was the time when President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a giant swimming rabbit.
  • Texas has always been different: With the recent success of the Brexit, the idea of a Texit has been floated, but Texas always wanted to be different from the rest of the country. In 1842, a German society was established with the goal of creating a new German state in the then Republic of Texas.
  • Duck – please! Many naval ships perform heroically in war but the USS William D. Porter had a different bent. In WWII the Destroyer vessel was escorting a ship carrying President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his entourage to a meeting with Stalin and Churchill. A fully operational charge somehow rolled off the deck, fell into the Atlantic and exploded. They initiated a training exercise where they were supposed to fire dummy torpedoes on the ship they were escorting, but realized just a bit too late that they fired a live torpedo at the President of the United States. Luckily, the president’s ship was able to make a quick turn and the torpedo missed.

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About Classic Friars Club Roasts: Classic Friars Roasts is a DVD collection of the best comedy roasts of all time. The Jerry Lewis roast features incredible barbs from comedy legends. The Johnny Carson DVD is just as hilarious as the skits you remember from The Tonight Show. Visit the website at now to order your celebrity roast videos in time for Thanksgiving. “Like” the Facebook page for links to some classic comedy sketches. Call 866-987-3678 to order your very own collection of Johnny Carson videos and Don Rickles videos.

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