The Classic Friars Club – The Best Laughs And Comedians Of All Time

If you have ever laughed yourself silly watching a celebrity roast on TV, Classic Friars Club Roasts is your chance to own the best comedy roasts of all time . You can buy this lost treasure of comedy on DVD, featuring rare TV performances not seen in decades. Each guest of honor is brilliantly lambasted at these TV roasts by certified legends of comedy :

* Jack Benny Roast: Interesting that Ford introduced the Pinto (an economy car in which they cut safety corners) on the day the Friars roasted Mr. Cheapskate himself. Enjoy the classic comedy of George Burns, Ed Sullivan, Milton Berle , Dennis Day, Johnny Carson, and Alan King as they honor, toast and roast their friend, comedian Jack Benny.

* Milton Berle Roast: It makes sense that the Friars would roast the king of television the same year the Concorde broke the sound barrier and kids danced naked at Woodstock. The best all-time comedians came together for this classic Milton Berle roast. Jack Benny, Jan Murray, Red Buttons, Steve Lawrence, Don Drysdale and Alan King toss out their best shots as they show some love for Uncle Miltie.

* Jerry Lewis Roast : Doors leader Jim Morrison may have died in Paris but France icon Jerry Lewis was alive and ready for the roasting spit. This Jerry Lewis roast features barbs from all-time best comedians like Milton Berle, Alan King, Jack Carter, Charlie Callas, Rex Reed and Mr. Tact himself, Don Rickles.

* Don Rickles Roast : Roasting Don Rickles is a comedian’s dream. You’ll split your sides as Dean Martin roasts Don Rickles, and watch in amazement as reclusive George C. Scott comes out to join the fun. Add in Johnny Carson , Milton Berle, Chet Huntley, Dick Cavett and “that Henny Youngman,” and this is the best roast ever.

* Johnny Carson Roast: This Johnny Carson DVD is just as hilarious as the Johnny Carson videos from The Tonight Show. You’ll laugh hysterically when Don Rickles roasts the legendary host, and marvel as Flip Wilson reprises some of his best quips from The Flip Wilson Show – what did the devil make him do this time? It might be hard to top that, but Dick Cavett, Mr. Showman Ed Sullivan, Groucho Marx, and Steve Allen all gave it their best shots!

Bonus DVD – Don Adams and Don Rickles Videos Classic Outtakes: This DVD features classic outtakes from comedy sketches for a Kraft Music Hall Series special. While shooting the blackouts segments, the movie take-offs resulted in both guys getting the best of each other in scenes from “For Whom the Bells Toll”, “The Harder They Fall”, “The Jolson Story” and “The Prisoner of Zenda”, all resulting in outrageous behavior and huge belly laughs.

Phyllis Diller was so curious about what went on at these roasts that she dressed as a man and snuck into the Sid Caesar roast. But you don’t have to go to those extremes to enjoy the best comedy jokes ever. No comedy show today can equal the inspired genius of a Friars Club roast. Visit the website or call 866-987-3678 now to order individual volumes for $14.99 plus shipping and handling or order all six for only $89.95 plus shipping and handling.