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Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

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There’s a new trend emerging for veterans to help relieve stress. And surprisingly, it is leading them to turn to a form of the oldest medicine we know for easing stress—laughter.

Why is this happening? Many veterans have reported feeling a lack of empathy from others after they return home from the service. They report having trouble getting civilians to either understand or appreciate their experiences and feel that often, people can be apathetic to their time in the service.

Of course, this kind of response is only going to add more stress onto an individual that just returned home from experiencing a great deal of stress. So what’s another good outlet for these emotions besides talking about them that can benefit a person?

The surprising answer is comedy and laughter. In fact, the effectiveness of comedy and laughter for veterans is now so strongly recognized that the Armed Services Arts Partnership created a Comedy Bootcamp for Veterans to learn the art of comedy from actual comedians. They participate in an eight-week course and graduate when they can perform five minutes of standup for an audience.

Veterans who participated in the program noted how much relief comedy provides.

Fred McKinnon, a comedian, and disabled veteran reports: “The military brings on a certain level of anxiety, and laughter is one of the things, I always try to laugh, but sometimes people laugh to keep from crying. A lot of veterans turn to other things to deal with the anxiety, and for me, comedy just so happen to be something I latched on to once I got out, and it has been a safe-haven place for me.”

Fred is not the only veteran reporting that he found relief in comedy and the boot camp. Many graduates of the program praised it and its ability to provide stress relief. If you are curious to learn about some of the benefits of laughter, visit this blog.

But maybe you aren’t interested in becoming a stand-up comic, don’t have the time, or can’t participate in a program like that. That’s understandable. Participating in the program is not the goal of mentioning it here. Instead, the intention is to show how the military recognizes comedy as a significant outlet to help ease stress from military service.

So why not get some stress relief the simple way, and purchase the Classic Friars Club Roast DVD set?  There’s no denying that a set of the best comedians, and timeless comedy, is sure to provide you with stress relief and laughter for many years.

We’re offering FREE SHIPPING on Memorial Day Only in honor of those who gave their lives to protect our nation.  Use coupon code “USA”

Stress Relief from Laughter

Laughter has both short term and long term benefits for stress and overall health. This fact is one of the reasons why comedy emerged as such an important outlet for not only veterans but everybody. Laughter produces very beneficial physical and mental changes for people, so laughing it up with comedy is a great way to relieve stress.

Short Term Benefits of Laughter

Laughter has some great short term effects, including:

1.    Stimulating the organs so you get more air into your body. It’s this process that creates the endorphin kick as a result of laughing.
2.    Activating stress relief so that you can relax. It also increases your heart rate and blood pressure to add to the overall feeling of relaxation.
3.    Easing tension by increasing circulation. This increased circulation eases the muscles, and thus lets the body release some of the physical signs of stress.
Long Term Benefits.
Short term benefits are great, but did you know that the more you laugh, the longer you’ll make these benefits stick?
1.    Eases pain. Endorphins are natural helpers in happiness and pain relief, and laughing can help the body learn how to make its natural painkillers.
2.    Better life satisfaction. Laughing allows people the ability to cope better with distressing situations.
3.    Better emotional well-being. Everybody gets depressed, and sometimes people suffer from a chronic illness which can lead to depression. Laughter can help address these issues and make you feel happier in the long run.
4.    Better health and immunity. Negativity can create a chemical process in your body that affects the immune system and causes excess amounts of stress. Being able to produce positive thoughts helps to fight stress and ward off illness.

Legendary Comedy Promotes Legendary Laughter

Great comedy is obviously important to produce laughter, but how about buying something you know will not only bring back great memories but make you laugh time and time again? Think about how often you can re-watch some of the best old comedy like Johnny Carson videos, Don Rickles videos, a Jerry Lewis roast, or a Dean Martin roast.

Speaking of comedy roasts, the tradition for the Friars’ Club roast started with some of the most famous comedians, and they make their appearances in the Friars’ Club Roast DVD set. Not only will you be getting a great comedy that will make you laugh each time you watch it, but the memories of times that came with these laughs.

The best in classic comedy is timeless because the jokes never get old, and will make everybody in the family laugh when they watch them. Not only will you see some of the best comedians of all time, but you’ll also watch them time and time again, and enjoy them as together, they cleverly create comedy history, paving the way for what we would always see in the roasts to come. After all, doesn’t the combination of watching Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, and Don Rickles together again sound tantalizingly hilarious? Take a look at what the Classic Friars Club Roast DVD set has to offer here.

After all, it’s the historical comedians that created the expectations for modern comedy, and set the trends for the laughter we see today. You’ll find these jokes relatable and laugh at them each time you watch them.

And not only will you get to relive old memories that you may have forgotten about, but you will also be paving the way to create new memories by sharing the DVD set with friends and family, sharing the gift of laughter and health.

So, do you need any other reason why you should purchase the Classic Friars Club Roast DVDs? Bring back old memories while you also create new ones, and pave the way for his happiness and health for many years to come.

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