Get Dad something he will love this year.

Happy Father's Day
If you’re too old to make clay handprint impressions for dad, Classic Friars Club Roasts has the perfect Father’s Day gift for you. Now you can give dad some of the funniest, side-splitting-est, best comedy roasts of all time. These lost treasures of comedy contain hilarious comedy sketches and rare TV performances that have not been seen in decades.

A Friars Club Roast was always the jackpot of comedy shenanigans. Comedy legends would present a celebrity roast of the night’s honoree, but would just as often skewer each other. You and dad can watch and laugh hysterically at the Don Rickles videos, the Jerry Lewis Roast, or the Johnny Carson videos. This is an incredible opportunity to see such comedy genius gathered in one location. Here are some jokes you can share to get the laughter started while you wait for Dad’s DVDs to arrive:

  • Lesson Learned: Never wait until the last minute to buy your Father’s Day card. You might be stuck with a choice between “You’ve been like a father to me” or “Now that I’m a father, too”!
  • Magician’s Kids: If your father is a magician who likes to saw people in two, do you end up with a lot of half-brothers and half-sisters?
  • King of the Castle: A father won a small toy at an event. When he brought it home, he gathered his children to decide who deserved it most. He asked, “Who never talks back to Mommy and always does exactly as she says?” “Awww,” said the kids, “You get to keep the prize.”
  • Ah, the Good Old Days: It used to be that all a father had to do to be a success was put a roof over his family’s head. Now it takes a roof, deck, pool, four-car garage, and high-def TV –  and that’s just the vacation home!

There is nothing as hysterical as watching when Don Rickles roasts a guest of honor, but the tables are soon turned. When Jerry Lewis roasts Don Rickles, no holds are barred. Order your DVDs separately or get dad the entire set and engage in a little binge-watching. Stop trying to make a macaroni picture for your Father’s Day gift and give him something he’ll really enjoy with the best comedy roasts of all time.

Get Dad something he will love this year.

Happy Father‘ s Day

Happy Father’s Day!
Classic Friars Club Roasts

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About Classic Friars Club Roasts: Classic Friars Roasts is a DVD collection of the best comedy roasts of all time. Watch as comedy legends and Hollywood celebrities join in on the fun. Order the Johnny Carson DVD, Jerry Lewis Roast, the Don Rickles Roast, or get the whole set. There is even a Bonus DVD with classic outtakes featuring Don Rickles and Don Adams in outrageous movie spoofs. Visit the website at to learn more about the comedy sketches. “Like” the Facebook page to read stories about Friars Club Roasts. Call 866-987-3678 to order Friars Club Roast videos for dad this Father’s Day.

Classic Friars Club Roasts