” In these tough times where people are drowning their sorrows at the bar, I sat home and watched these Friar’s Roasts. The only hang-over I had was my stomach hanging over my belt from all the belly laughs!”.
– Marty 

“This remarkable DVD collection was the perfect gift for my father, who lived in the era when these giants of comedy walked the earth. It was clear from the first laugh that the genius of the artists remains, but even more powerfully. This time we watched the shows as father, son and a grandson – three generations who shared the joy of laughter that echoes across time. These are timeless treasures at a time we need them most.”.
– Bob 

“For a comedy aficionado, the Friar Roasts were the party you wish you were invited too.  Comics perform on a different level when they’re trying to make each other laugh, and this box set gives you a look at what that’s like.  Add in the fact that I’m watching comedy legends in their prime.  Legends roasting legends.  This is a must have for anybody who appreciates the roots of American stand-up comedy.  And of course, with all due respect to the great comics of today, I never get tired of the ease of Carson, or the ball-busting hilarity of Don Rickles.”
– Jim