Give Mom the gift of LAUGHTER this Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day, Everyone!

One thing that’s true about pretty much any Mother’s Day at my house: my dad is cooking dinner, we’re sitting in front of the TV, and we’re all enjoying our favorite classics with each other, laughing ourselves silly. What I like the most about Mother’s Day was that it wasn’t a very serious holiday.

We always spend a lot of time outside. We always spend a lot of time together. Because of that, Mother’s Days are some of my favorite holidays in the world. I wish I could go back in time, like I used to be able to rewind my VCR, and replay the classic stories of my youth. Just like everything else in life, memories fade and holidays pass. The only thing that ever really stays the same are the amazing copies of the golden days of television, on sale for your mom this Mother’s Day.

Literally Nothing is Better Than the Gift of Laughter

If you’re Looking for a meaningful and nostalgic Mother’s Day gift, why not invest in Johnny Carson videos, Milton Bernie sketches Jack Benny rents and even classic Friars Club roasts. These cherished television shows will bring a tear to your mother’s eye, as well as plenty of fond memories of the past. These priceless comedy sketches Will remind you of yesteryear, better days, and different presidents.

If you’ve ever laughed yourself silly over old Johnny Carson videos, comedy sketches, or celebrity roasts on television, you’re sure to enjoy all of the amazing options that we have to offer on The best part is, you’re doing yourself a favor by purchasing an amazing Mother’s Day gift box set. This is because laughing is one of the best medicines for your heart. It makes you feel more relaxed it releases tension in your muscles, and even protects you from diseases! Check out our blog post here for more information about the health benefits of laughing.

There are Three Reasons that Classic Friars Club Boxed Sets Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts:

Classic Friars Club Offers the Best Comedy Roasts of All Time 

Roasts are the type of comedy that never gets old. Roasts are never intended to be mean spirited, so everyone can get a good laugh! You see all of the best old comedians in rare form, telling the best jokes! Plus, some of the comedians you’ll see in our boxed sets are among the funniest comedians in history; such as Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles, or even Dean Martin.

Everyone In Your Family Could Probably Use Some New Jokes 

After spending the holidays with all of your family, you’ve probably already told everyone that you know all of the good jokes you’ve heard. The Classic Friars Club Roasts gift set makes an excellent gift because everyone can enjoy it. Just like the good old days, you’ll all kick back, relax and laugh together; and like we say, laughter is the best medicine. Here are ten funny jokes you can share with your kids.

You’ll See the Most Influential Comedians of All Time 

Most of the comedy roasts in this series are incredibly important to the history of Comedy. For example are Lucille Ball roast go down she was just as funny as men in a time when women we rarely comics. Her efforts allowed women like Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa McCarthy the opportunity to shine, Paving the way for the future. Other comedians in the series like Milton Berle roasts show how comedians like Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert got their style of Comedy. Even old Steve Allen roasts show how Comics like Seth Meyers and David Letterman got their formula for laughs.

Do you really need more reasons to give the gift of laughter to your loved one this Mother’s Day? Buy this amazing boxed set for your wife or mom – they’ll thank you for the memories that you’ll create.


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