Happy Mother’s Day from Classic Friars Club Roasts

Classic Friars Club Roasts loves moms – after all, we wouldn’t be here without them! If you love your mom as much as we do, why not get her some of the best comedy roasts of all time for Mother’s Day? Mom will remember these classic comedy roasts from TV, and will love seeing them again. When comedy legends get together for a celebrity roast, they outdo themselves trying to make each other laugh.

Sit down with mom to watch these brilliant comedy sketches and you’ll find yourself bonding in a way you never thought possible. Play the Johnny Carson videos and you’ll see why today’s talk show hosts still consider him the king of late-night TV. After you are done watching the Don Rickles roast or the hysterical Jerry Lewis roast, here are some jokes about moms you can share to keep the laughter going:

  • Wise Words: Good advice from mom to daughter: Cook a man a fish and you feed him a meal; teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the entire weekend!
  • Guilt Trips: Message on my mom’s answering machine: If you’re a salesperson, press one. If you’re a relative or friend, press two. If you are my busy daughter who never has time to call her mother, call 911 now because the shock will give me such a heart attack.
  • Great Grub: When asked by his Sunday School teacher if his family prayed before eating, little Johnny replied, “No, ma’am, I don’t have to. My mom’s a good cook.”
  • Living the Life: Two kids are talking to each other and one says, “My dad works twelve hours a day to give me good food and a nice home. My mom spends all day cleaning and cooking for me. I’m worried sick!” To which the other kid replies, “What are you worrying about? Sounds like you’ve got it made to me.” “I know,” wails the first kid, “But what if they escape?”


You and mom can keep the laughter going with our Don Rickles videos, or get the entire set and engage in a little binge-watching. You’ll keel over in laughter as you watch some of the most hilarious Friars Club Roast comedy you’ve ever seen. If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, then these celebrity roasts are for you!

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Happy Mother’s Day!
Classic Friars Club Roasts


About Classic Friars Club Roasts: Classic Friars Roasts is a DVD collection of the best comedy roasts of all time. Watch along as Don Rickles roasts such Hollywood stars as Milton Berle, Jack Benny, and Jerry Lewis. If you liked The Tonight Show, you’ll love the Johnny Carson DVD. Visit the website at http://www.classicfriarsroasts.com to order celebrity roast individual videos, the complete collection, or the classic outtakes. “Like” the Facebook page to view classic comedy sketches. Call 866-987-3678 to order your collection of Friars Club Roast videos for mom this Mother’s Day.

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