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Good friends, Don Rickles & Don Adams co-hosted this special called California USA as part of the Kraft Music Hall Series. While shooting the blackouts segments, which satirized various California “themes” such as used car salesmen and nudist colonies, the movie take-offs resulted in both guys getting the best of each other in scenes from “For Whom the Bells Toll”, “The Harder They Fall”, “The Jolson Story” and “The Prisoner of Zenda”, all resulting in outrageous behavior and huge belly laughs.

Don RIckles 1Name - Don RicklesComedian Don Rickles has sustained a long and successful career doling out insults and trouncing egos on anyone within earshot. A frequent visitor to “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” Rickles has regaled millions with his swiping barbs. Early on in his career, while working at a nightclub, he was brave enough to pick on Frank Sinatra who was seated in the audience, “Make yourself at home Frank. Hit somebody.” Lucky for Rickles, Sinatra found him hilarious and encouraged other celebrities to check out his act. As an actor Rickles appeared in his own sitcom “C.P.O. Sharkey” and such films as “Run Silent, Run Deep,” and “Kelly’s Heroes.” He’s the worst nightmare for any guest of honor at a roast.
Don AdamsName - Don AdamsBest known for his portrayal of the buffoonish Maxwell Smart in the successful sitcom “Get Smart,” Don Adams also became a popular game show panelist and director. Winner of three Emmy Awards for his role as Smart aka Agent 86, Adams also provided the voices for the title characters of the popular animated series “Tennessee Tuxedo” and “Inspector Gadget.” He is responsible for such catch phrases as “Sorry about that, Chief,” “Missed it by ‘that much’” and “Would you believe….?”

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