Which ghost is the best dancer?

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Q: Which ghost is the best dancer?

A: The Boogeyman!

We all need a good laugh every once and awhile, right? Well, nothing says laughter like the Classic Friars Club Roasts. The Friars Club Roasts brought together big names like Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, and Milton Berle, just to name a few. Although there are many new comedians around today, most just can’t compare to the names of yesterday.

If you’re looking for a real treat this Halloween, check out some of the most well-known Classic Friars Club Roasts. The Jerry Lewis Roast was one of the most famous comedy roasts in the history of comedy. It brought together comedians like Milton Berle, Jack Carter, and Don Rickles. They all took turns taking jabs at this Hollywood icon. You can add this must-have DVD to your collection this Halloween for just $14.99. There’s nothing scary with prices like that!  To sweeten the offer, we’re giving you 15% off when you order before Oct 31st.  Use Check out code : TREAT

Other popular roasts include Johnny Carson. Fellow comedians couldn’t wait to roast the King of Late Night. This roast happened back in 1968 and featured comedians Don Rickles, Dick Cavett, and Flip Wilson. Many people consider this one of the best Friars Club Roasts of all-time. This roast can also be yours on DVD for $14.99.

Still another roast that is still talked about to this day features Don Rickles in the hot seat. Many people loved roasting Don Rickles. See Johnny Carson and others in action in this unforgettable DVD from the roast.

While we all love to own DVDs, these days many of us also like our entertainment to be portable. That’s why you can also get a streaming video membership to the Classic Friars Roasts. With a membership, you can watch these roasts at anytime and anywhere on your laptop, TV, phone or tablet. There are a variety of plans at reasonable prices. Check them all out today!

Enjoy these fang-tastic halloween jokes below!

Q: Which ghost is the best dancer?
A: The Boogie Man!

Q: What do ghosts eat for supper?
A: Spooketi

Q: What is a ghost’s favorite pie?
A: Booberry pie!

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?
A: He didn’t have any guts!

Q: What are a ghost’s favorite rides at the fair?
A: The scary-go-round and rollerghoster!

Q: Why do ghosts like to ride in elevators?
A: It raises their spirits.

Q: What do you do if you want to learn more about Dracula?
A: You join his fang club.

So, this Halloween check out the Classic Friars Club Roasts and choose your favorites to own. You can also watch them anytime, anywhere on your laptop, TV, phone or tablet with a membership to the Classic Friars Roasts.

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Q&A Hot Sheet

Q: When did the Friars Club form?
A: The Friars Club formed in 1904.It became known as the premiere comedy and entertainment venue. Over the decades it began to draw big names like Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, and Milton Berle.

Q: What years do the Classic Friars Club Roast span?
A: In 1955, the Friars roasted Humphrey Bogart. These roasts continued for decades. The most recent was in 2008 when the Friars roasted Matt Lauer.

Q: Besides buying the DVD’s is there another way I can watch the Classic Friars Club Roast?
A: Yes! Become a member and sign up for a variety of plans that allow you to watch the roasts on your table, phone, laptop or TV. Prices are as low as $9.99 a month. Check out membership deals here.

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